Monday, 1 September 2014

Man-repelling in marble

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 Photos by Fendi Yasuda

So after what has now become a four month hiatus (sorry bout that, Internet), the plague is back and bigger than ever - The Fashion Plague, that is. A little self-affirmation never hurt, right? Yet even after all that time away, still the question begs to be answered: What man-repelling thing does Cheryl wear today? 

That... that thing on her skirt, what is that? And most importantly, high socks with trainers? Is she trying to propel herself into perpetual singledom?

Unfortunate truths of my relationship status (or lack thereof) aside, ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to celebrate the revival of this virtual space and me getting off my lazy busy ass and back to blogging with the wildcard of all female bottoms - the asymmetrical A-line. Corporate, but not. And of course the elephant in the room, or in this case, flap on the skirt, that almost throws off the whole balance of the garment. Yup, more than slightly awkward.

I had initially intended for it to be worn during an impending six month internship, but in usual Cheryl fashion (pun intended), was too excited to wait. Cop a shirt from the men's section in everyone's favourite print of the season, throw a baseball cap with the brother's trainers* into the mix just to add the 'sports' in sports luxe and ta-da! An ensemble capable of making Asian mothers (mine included) everywhere shudder in horror and/or shrivel up in embarrassment. I rest my case. 

But really, here's to new(er) beginnings.

*Yes, I am that sibling. Wearing my own clothes/clothes made specifically for females has never been my strong suit. 

Wearing H&M marbled tee, baseball cap, and asymmetrical skirt

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