Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Get ripped

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 Photos by Fendi Yasuda

Ripped denim.

I'm not quite sure when the notion of tearing apart perfectly decent pieces of the material or wearing said form of material turned into a *cringe* trendy thing. Perhaps it simply started off with someone who had worn their particular denim piece to shreds. Or hey maybe they were too lazy to fix the holes in their clothes! Oh oh, maybe their clothes chewed out by an animal...

At this point I should probably stop playing the hypothetical game and just cut to the chase - it's time to get ripped. 

Whenever the teen angst/urge to feel badass hits (that which I am clearly not. The ol' street cred needs some leveling up), I tend to gravitate to these thrifted (for $5!!!!! Possibly my greatest achievement in life so far) boyfriend jeans that were kind of shredded and roughened up on a whim. So on this fine day and much to the Mother's dismay, I played up the edgier side of things with a side-slit tunic, chunky, clunky boots, and piled on the neck pieces.

"Why do you like wearing things that make you look pregnant?"

I honestly don't know, Ma, but I just think there's something weirdly liberating and sexy about wearing clothes that aren't necessarily form-fitting or flattering to the female shape. I'd like to think it shows more body confidence, as compared to wearing articles of clothing that scream boobs, butt, and flat tummy. Then again I might just do it to hide inevitable food babies. Call me crazy?

But anyway, back to ripped denim.

Go grungy and gritty or grown up and glamourized. It's really more versatile than everyone thinks. These may look like "hobo" pants to some but man are they gonna have a home in my closet for a long time.

Wearing Monki tunic, thrifted & DIYed boyfriend jeans and skull arm cuff, H&M boots, Theblackacc sun&moon choker, Forever21 layered necklaces, random leopard clutch

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