Sunday, 9 November 2014

Modern gypsy

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Photos by Fendi Yasuda

Sometimes, just sometimes, you feel the need to channel that inner gypsy warrior - a free-spirited, slightly rebellious soul that frolicks in deeply forested areas (or in this case, just buildings adorned with a ton of moss and general greenery) in the fringiest, floppiest-but-not-hopelessly-unflattering garb that just seems to catch perfectly with the wind.

Swish, swish, swish. 

And swish away I did, tripping on multiple occasions, hair and hopes of looking somewhat graceful cast in hopeless abandon. Now if that doesn't quite put a rude stop to your Esmeralda fantasies, I don't know what will.

See, there's a certain amount of elegance that is synonymous with donning bottoms of the flared variety. Bootleg jeans on iconic Moss, and most recently Balmain 2015, etc. The customary leg coverage that elongates the bottom half to make the rest of the female species whisper indiscreetly to their companions "HER LEGS", and also adds to the illusion of almost floating along (merely walking be damned), etc etc. You get my drift.

These pants however, a slightly different story. Slit in the middle of each leg, therefore allowing for heightened mobility. It should also be noted that it is ideal for the indecisive dresser (do I want to show leg today, or not?) and omittable midweek leg-shaving. TMI?

Still enough to make me trip, no doubt, but then again that pretty much occurs no matter what I wear.

P.S.: Apologies for the lack of updates, chickadees. Been feeling a little tired and uninspired lately, but we should be back to regular programming for now.

Wearing YHF pants, thrifted band tee, H&M fringe kimono and chunky boots, Forever21 floppy hat, bag from Bali and vintage earrings

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